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[unknown]Usenet groups within alt.transcendent from giganews.com
Usenet newsgroups within "alt.transcendent", contributed courtesy of giganews.com. These captures omit most binary posts.
Keywords: alt.transcendent.public; alt.transcendent.public.interest
Downloads: 39
[audio]transcendent device - architectonics and the elaborate construction of meaning [mhrk066] - transcendent device
TRANSCENDENT DEVICE ARCHITECTONICS AND THE ELABORATE CONSTRUCTION OF MEANING 01. submission to total awareness (dedicated to hisashi takimoto) 02. blind knives in a sky of ignorance 03. the lead planet 04. to gladden the raven 05. reflections on impermanence in the circus of wolves 06. in harmony with fear (dedicated to patrick mcgoohan) 07. architectonics and the elaborate construction of meaning 08...
Keywords: transcendent device; mahorka; electroacoustic; ambient; drone
Downloads: 804
[audio]alien_scripts - Purity Control
A combination of supplications to higher dimensional beings and their response(s). New language system explored; visual component desired, if any scribes are up to the job.
Keywords: alien sounds ufo experimental drone psychedelic ambient transcendent enlightenment
Downloads: 96
[texts]Defining Paganism - Guillaume Faye
"Defining Paganism" by Guillaume Faye (from "Why We Fight")
Keywords: Guillaume Faye; Definition; Paganism; Pagan; Christianity; Religion; Religious; Christian; Sacred; Transcendent; Spiritual; Islam; Hinduism; Religiosity; Spirituality
Downloads: 17
[audio]TFR794 - Xiphest - Beseecher (Demo) - Xiphest
Xiphest - Beseecher (Demo) 01 - Face First Into Molten Glass 02 - Ice Goddess 03 - Regression 04 - Beseecher 05 - Hive 06 - Lilith Usurped (Instrumental) 07 - Vex King (Instrumental) 08 - Exhauster (Instrumental) 09 - Lich Mountain (Instrumental) 10 - Flesh Exhumed (Instrumental) Xiphest is jason daniel www.facebook.com/xiphestlives Transcendent Psychedelic Technical Slamming Brutal Death Metal Released on Torn Flesh Records, August, 2013 archive.org/details/tornfleshrecords www.facebook.com/tor...
Keywords: Xiphest; Beseecher; Demo; Transcendent; Psychedelic; Technical; Slamming; Brutal; Death; Metal; Electronic; Cybergrind; Torn; Flesh; Records
Downloads: 174
[audio]TFR548 - Hellraizer - Transcendent Transformation - Hellraizer
Hellraizer - Transcendent Transformation 01 - The Damned Gate (Intro) 02 - Intuition Of Dogma 03 - Consonant Dimension 04 - Vomiting...Diminish...Slaughter 05 - Blind Revenge 06 - Journey To Hell (Instrumental) 07 - Brain Dead 08 - Beyond Cryptids And Moth Evolved 09 - Transcendent Transformation Bonus Track 10 - Perception Paragraph (First Mixing) (Bonus Track) Hellraizer Joko Sruntul : Bass Faher Zebho : Drums Rizkygrind : Guitars Raja Dewa a.k.a...
Keywords: Hellraizer; Transcendent; Transformation; Death; Metal; Nganjuk; City; Indonesia; Torn; Flesh; Records
Downloads: 1,394
[texts]The Anarchist Library: Anonymous The Anarchist Ethic in the Age of the Anti-Globalization Movement a4
The Anarchist Library: Anonymous The Anarchist Ethic in the Age of the Anti-Globalization Movement a4
Keywords: transcendent; ethic; power; organization; anarchists; social; capitalism; struggle; anarchist; multitude; transcendent institutions; social relations; informal organization; anarchist ethic; global days; direct action; alienated power; social movements; revolutionary solidarity; affinity groups
Downloads: 10
[audio]Aish Kodesh 6/24/09 Korach - Rabbi Henoch Dov Hoffman - Henoch Dov Hoffman, Tsivya
The name KORACH means Ice Man. We are trying to create a conversation between three opposing forces. Rambam says that it is better to say G*d is not dead than it is to say that G*d is alive since defining something by a negative statement is less limiting. We are changing the name of the school from Torah Dialectic to the School of Training To Be Monotheists. We use the right brain to find the connection between the words that have the same root, such as Reggel, which is the root of habit, spy, ...
Keywords: Habits; reggel; arguing; gossip; anger; Caleb; teshuva; Gehenim; guilt; gevurah; chessed; mezuzah; immanent; transcendent; Atzilut; Briah; birthing; womb; mikvah; desert
Downloads: 50
[texts]Mircea Eliade: The hermeneutics of the religious phenomenon - Livia Durac
"Mircea Eliade: The hermeneutics of the religious phenomenon" - Lecture delivered by Livia Durac to the 4th International Conference on the Human Being in Contemporary in Philosophy, held at Volgograd, 28-31 May 2007.
Keywords: Mircea Eliade; Eliade; Religion; Religious; Phenomenon; Hermeneutics; Philosophy; Sacred; Profane; Spiritual; Spirituality; Ontology; Deity; God; Transcendent; Reality; Myth; Sociology; History
Downloads: 25
[audio]Loulong-Hamina - Tina E Andrus
Meditation with spirit energy. Guitar and flute music to relax and refresh yourself. Loulong-Hamina means home and this is music to return home inside and center yourself. I may be inventing a new catagory, transcendent music. This is an example.
Keywords: Meditation; Transcendent; Guitar; Flute; Relaxing; Revitalizing; Centering; Spirit Lead; Accoustic; Spiritual Dimension; Soothing; Healing; Beautiful; The Wild Earth Mother Sings to Us; Tina Andrus
Downloads: 366
[texts]Key Excerpts from The Sacred and the Profane - Mircea Eliade
"Key Excerpts from The Sacred and the Profane: The Nature of Religion" by Mircea Eliade
Keywords: Mircea Eliade; Mircea; Eliade; The Sacred and the Profane; Sacred; Profane; Religion; Nature; Cosmos; History; Religious; Spiritual; Transcendent; Philosophy; God; Afterlife
Downloads: 8
[audio]Root Road August Morning Flute - Tina E Andrus
Flute and birds and insects. Root Road is where I grew up in rural Saratoga County, NY. You will hear a recording near the frogpond August 2005 around 7 AM. This is an added flute track. Perhaps I will record an on location flute solo at some time.
Keywords: Meditation; Transcendent; Wild; Songbirds; Primal; Primordial; Earth Energy; Wildlife Track; Spirit; Magical; Shamanic; The Wild Earth Mother Sings to Us; Tina Andrus; Flute
Downloads: 380
[texts]Unified Theory of Knowledge - Peter Macpherson
The Unified Theory of Knowledge (UTK) imposes constraints on the use of common terms and labels, but in doing so provides a progressive model for intellect and conceptual complexity. The model aims to: ⢠Bring together, and provide structure for, the elements of knowledge ⢠Link the elements of knowledge to intellect and link them to brain types found in the natural world ⢠Provide a model that links intellect to knowledge classification
Keywords: Unified Theory of Knowledge; UTK; Concepts; Conceptual Hierarchies; Intellect; Data; Information; Knowledge; Wisdom; Transcendent; Polycendent; Omnicendent; Instinctual; Intelligence; Sapience; Concept Ecologies; Memes; Meme Complexes; Meme Intellects
Downloads: 521
[audio]The Attributes of God (#6): The Paradox of God, Transcendent Yet Immanent - Dr. Jeffrey F. Evans
The immense greatness of God makes us feel small.  Some prefer to make God smaller to deal with this.  Some prefer to make God distant to deal with this.  The Bible declares that God is both immense and very present.
Keywords: The Attributes of God (#6): The Paradox of God; Transcendent Yet Immanent; Psalm 8; Exodus 33:7-11; Job 29:1-6; Jeremiah 23:16-24
Downloads: 53
[audio]Still Ripples - Episode 13 - The Attributes of God, Part 1 of 2 - Greg Joyce & Brian Nelms
Who is God? Today, Greg and Brian begin a series on understanding who God is by His attributes that are expressed in His Word.
Keywords: Christian; podcast; God; Jesus; religion; faith; discussion; Bible; Scripture; Apologetics; study; attributes; greatness; Godhead; Holy Spirit; spiritual; limitless; infinite; Life; personality; personal; Father; God the Father; transcendent; eminent; fellowship; Creation; Time; omnipotent; omnipresent; sin; consant; unchanging
Downloads: 18
[audio]Comical Imbalance Episode 6 - William M. Strong
Welcome back fans and friends, this is our sixth full episode and this episode consists of AB and Bill Strong discusing such Comically Imbalanced topics as the weather and climate, favorite cold alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, netbooks vs. laptops, what to do with your hair post shower, cellular communication prefrences, foodservice dining, showering frequency, gun control, favorite playground equipment, crying and throwing up frequency, customer service / technical support phone conversatio...
Keywords: comedy; talk; weather; cold drinks; netbook; laptop; post shower hair; cellular communication; dining; showering; gun control; playground; crying; throwing up; customer service; technical support; Sin Cara; plauge; ebook readers; transcendent man
Downloads: 21
[audio]The Heart of Wisdom Retreat - Ven. Robina Courtin
It is often said that the path to enlightenment is achieved by possessing the “two wings” of compassion and wisdom, both necessary components for evolving our minds into that fully developed state. In her 2013 visit, Venerable Robina led us skillfully in the Tibetan Buddhist practices that support the development of courageous compassion and in this year’s retreat, she will provide instruction on cultivating the “wisdom wing” as set out in the Heart Sutra, one of the briefest and yet m...
Keywords: Buddhism; Thubten Norbu Ling; Santa Fe; New Mexico; Mahayana; FPMT; Ven. Robina Courtin; Path to Enlightenment; Two Wings; Compassion; Wisdom; Heart Sutra; Prajñāpāramitā Hṛdaya; The Heart of the Perfection of Transcendent Wisdom; Meditation
Downloads: 64
[texts]The Anarchist Library: Michail Bakunin Federalism Socialism Anti-Theologism a4
The Anarchist Library: Michail Bakunin Federalism Socialism Anti-Theologism a4
Keywords: liberty; labor; human; political; founded; social; humanity; morality; socialism; bourgeoisie; immense majority; social question; north america; human society; forced labor; civil war; working classes; transcendent morality; social contract; small number
Downloads: 28
[texts]Plotinus: Enneads. Electronic text edition. - Plotinus
The Enneads, a work from the great philosopher Plotinus, has exerted a considerable influence on Western civilization, including our present time. Plotinus himself was taught by Ammonius Saccas, the "theodidactos", or God-taught philosopher in Alexandria who brought several philosophical systems together in his Neo-Platonic School. Those of this School were known as the "Philalethians" (lovers of the truth); while others named them the "Analogists," on account of 'their method of interpreting al...
Keywords: love; Nature; ideal; time; happiness; virtue; good; evil; stars; soul; human; Being; Quality; Matter; Heaven; existence; eternity; ideas; Perception; Origin; memory; form; Idea; Way; integral; free will; beauty; animate; intellectual; Fate; Multiplicity; Essence; principle; descent; Immortality; authentic; providence; causes; dialectic; kosmos; archetype; transcendent; Omnipresent; actuality; potentiality; upward; hypostases
Downloads: 1,345
[audio]Freezone 11-1-8 - Rex Church.
Freezone 11-1-8 - Rex Church. Interview and discussion. Early America, Masons, hellfire caves, Benjamin Franklin, rituals, Christianity, dark magic, faith, spring equinox, eve of Astara, May 1, San Francisco, the dark side, sins, pride, the lands of hell, the left-hand path, Hollywood, Kenneth Anger, Lucifer Rising, John Travolta, William Shatner, The Devil's Reign, Eddie Albert, Green Acres, 23, Sammy Davis Jr, Scientology, money, Crowley, JPL, Hubbard, tens of thousands of dollars, magick, st...
Keywords: Freezone; Freeman; Fritzie; Benjamin Franklin; rituals; Christianity; dark magic; faith; spring equinox; eve of Astara; May 1; May day; San Francisco; the dark side; sins; pride; hell; the left-hand path; Hollywood; Kenneth Anger; John Travolta; William Shatner; 23; Sammy Davis Jr; Scientology; money; Crowley; JPL; Hubbard; tens of thousands of dollars; magick; study of the human mind; hermetic; alchemical; quabbalistic; divination; witchcraft; masonry; schoolboys; beginners; monarchy; Rasputin; forgiveness; sex; kundalini; carnal; transcendent; Tibet; spirituality; flagellation rites; technomagic; DARPA; grant; electronics; Germany; pre-WWI; Tesla technology; government; remote viewing; psi-tech; psychotronic weapons; biotelemetry; occult warfare; bioplasmic technology; OSS; CIA; Nazis; hauntings; creativity; imagination; concentration; goals; cities; overstimulation; Lovecraft; subjective universe; mythology; St Augustine FL; obelisk; Cadduces; 2012; paradigm shift
Downloads: 293
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